The RE(new)ED blog

Welcome to the new blog for RENEWED: happy homeware!
This blog will be packed with DIY instructions, crafts for kids, recipes, and behind-the-scenes footage of the making involved in RENEWED. Most importantly, you’ll be able to find out all about the work of the charities RENEWED was created to support.

This year RENEWED is raising money and awareness for 7th Heaven Children’s Haven in Jeffrey’s Bay. This little organisation does some very big things in the lives of the children in its care. They’re currently looking after 5 children full time, and they run a day care center for a larger group whose parents can’t afford childcare.

7th Heaven Children’s Haven was set up by Nelly Senong in 2002. It is a small organisation run by a few volunteers who seek to provide a loving, caring environment for children who so desperately need a loving home. As it says on their website, it “allows children to be children again.”

For more information, to contact them, or to help out (they’re on the lookout for volunteers) check out their website.

How is RENEWED trying to help?

All profits we make from selling our ColourfulCrockery or RENEWED RE:notebooks or ClothingCreatures (coming soon), gets added up at the end of each year and sent to the Children’s Haven. The aim this year (our first year) is to raise at least £200. Follow this blog to find out how we progressing!