About RENEWED: happy homeware

RENEWED: happy homeware is a charity-minded business. It aims to help charities in South Africa who are gospel-focused, provide for children in need, and teach skills to young people and adults – empowering them to find employment or make their own.
The charity we are currently supporting is the 7th Heaven Children’s Haven in Jeffery’s Bay, South Africa (click the link to read about them on their website).

RENEWED is run solely by me, Robyn Hepburn (hello!), and consists of two divisions so far: Colourful Crockery and RENEWED RE:notebooks.

  • Each and every item of RENEWED: Colourful Crockery is painted by hand and heat-set so that the designs are resistant to washing.
    The crockery itself is often vintage and bought from charity shops, and is then renewed with colourful designs that are inspired by nature, patterns, and stories.
  • RENEWED RE:notebooks consists of sketchbooks, notebooks, diaries, planners, scrapbooks, calendars and journals. They are made from used paper (donated notebooks, old sketchbooks and newspapers for example) and are bound by hand and covered using scrap fabric or old posters. Only the thread used to bind the pages together is bought new – everything else is reused before it can even be recycled.

Keep an eye out for RENEWED: Clothing Creatures coming soon: soft toys and plushies made from old baby-clothing.

I aim to be as eco-friendly as possible. Packaging is reused and/or recyclable, and second-hand items are RENEWED!

RENEWED: aims to brighten up the everyday: everyday items for you, and everyday life for South African children.